Wednesday, July 9, 2008

God made me this way

Wow, talk about my daughter getting me right in the heart. The other afternoon just after a quiet nap time [Side note: Isn't nap time the greatest "invention"? I honestly do not know that I would make it without nap time.] As I was saying, after nap time my two eldest and I had congregated around the microwave where popcorn was a' poppin'. The serene moments that I had just been savoring not 15 minutes prior were now replaced with loud demands and vies for attention. I said while cringing, "Could everyone please use a little bit quieter voices? Mommy's ears need it to be softer in here." My daughter quickly replies, "But mom, God gave me this voice and it just happens to be loud." I totally stopped in my tracks. Wow. "You're right," I said, "God did give you that voice for a reason."

So she has been listening! I keep trying to teach my kids that God has made each of them so special; that no one else in the world is like them. He has made them with great purpose and they will only be fulfilled as they walk in His plans for them. So she hits me with, "God gave me this voice..." I guess I should accept that her "inside voice" is more like an "outside voice." Maybe she is going to be a street preacher.

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