Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Grocery Store Experience with Preschoolers

Longest break ever...no entries for the month of June! Life with 3 little ones steals away all time!

I just have to document my grocery store experience today with my almost 4 year old, almost 2 year old, and 6 month old. WOW! Talk about pushing my patience. It began with piling into the cart with the attached blue "police car" in the front. Not only is this contraption impossible to steer, I am sure it is just swarming with germs. So we reach the deli and my 4 year old is bellowing, "I want a cookie!" "How do you ask?" I reply. (How often do I say that each day?) So after giving my kids a cookie that is as big as their little faces, I think, "Surely that will last our entire trip to the store." What was I thinking? Aisle 2 and they are both saying (loudly), "I WANT TO GET OUT." Are you kidding me? We just got here. We are only on aisle 2! I still have to get juice, cereal, meat, household supplies, frozen items, dairy products, and things for the birthday party. Are You Kidding Me?!

By aisle 4 I have threatened multiple consequences but how am I possibly going to follow through. I just want to get out of here. Aisle 6 everyone has to go to the potty. Seriously?! So I fight the cart all the way to the back where the restrooms are hidden and release my 4 year old and 2 year old from their seats. We spend the next 10 minutes in the restroom as I try to convince my 2 year old that he really does need to "go potty" so he doesn't have an accident; all the while holding my poor 6 month old in one arm who has heard way too much "loudness" for a baby. Finally we make it back into the "police car", but I neglect the seat belts this time. By the end of the dairy aisle both of the older kids are hanging out of the car. Literally standing on the doors to the car with their arms propped on the roof. By the chips at the front of the store my 2 year old is standing...yes, standing...on top of the police car. Can you picture this with me? Being the calm, sane stay-at-home mom that I am I politely ask him to get off of the car or I will have to belt him in.

Can't I just go to the store and get groceries???

So we make it to the check-out line, like a traveling circus. I allow the two eldest to put items onto the belt...so much for the chips that are now completely crushed. As I pay I look over to see my 2 year old on the wheelchair at the front of the store. The following thoughts go through my mind, "Can he hurt that? No, I don't think so. He is fine...he is quiet. I wonder if they will say something to me?" All of our items get bagged (yes, I remembered my own canvas, earth-friendly bags) and as we proceed to the door my 2 year old decides it is time to flail. A kind-hearted lady sees my situation and asks if she could please help me push the cart to the car.

I know they say that I will miss these days...but I just don't know.

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collegemommy said...
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collegemommy said...

Wow!!! You definitely have your hands full. I dislike those big carts and try to avoid them at all costs. Whoever invented them surely never actually pushed one, they are monsters.
Thanks for sharing stories. I don't feel so far away when I get to hear what is going on back home:) Happy 4th!

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