Monday, January 19, 2009

heavenly bottoms

{Revised in 2011 because my 2009 writing was on the scattered side.}

This morning I was challenged by the story of Abram. God told him to leave his home and go on a journey to another land, and Abram obeyed. He did it. Just like that. He loaded up his family and his belongings, and started walking. Wow!

I want to know my Creator's voice so well that if He asks me to do something, big or small, first I would hear Him, and then I would obey Him.

Recently I was at the gym minding my own business, when I started struggling with my thought life--comparing myself to everyone I saw. So I beckoned Him, "Lord, I want to see these people the way you do. Give me your eyes instead of mine."

A favorite song streamed through my earbuds and led me into a time of prayer. In fact I found myself praying for each person my eyes fell upon. Then I sensed Him leading me to speak a word of encouragement to someone.

"Wait a minute, Lord," I whispered with grimaced face. After debating with Him for a few minutes I finally agreed that if someone looked at me, smiled at me, talked to me then I would speak to them. That's when "heavenly bottoms" appeared.

Seriously, as I finished up my workout I caught eyes with a woman at another machine. When she turned to walk to the hand sanitizer station I noticed that "heavenly bottom" was written on her rear. You must be kidding!

"Lord, she is going to think I am an idiot!" So I didn't obey. I walked right past her into the locker room, sensing that I walked right past a blessing.

While in the shower I wrestled with Him again, "Lord, I failed You. You told me to do something and I chickened out because I was scared. God, forgive me. Please, if it be Your will, give me one more chance. If I see her I will say it to her." (By the way it is OK to talk to God while you shower.)

I finished my shower, put my hair in a towel, threw on my clothes, and peaked around the corner. Would you believe that the heavenly bottom girl was standing there all alone reading a flyer taped to the wall. My heart dropped.

"So you might think I am crazy," I began,"but when I am working out I pretty much have church on my MP3, and to make a long story short I felt like God wanted me to say something to you," long pause, "He wants you to know that He hasn't forgotten you." Her face softened and a smile crept across her lips with a quiet "Thanks," coming out of her mouth.

I walked back to the shower to grab my bag and just cracked up at God. "You are way too big, God. Just crazy big... and real. What in the world was that?" But slowly my excitement turned into a bit of regret.

How many times has He wanted to use me to speak a word of blessing into someone else's life and I wasn't listening? Probably too many to count. Thankfully the God of this universe is merciful, gracious, sovereign, and able to accomplish His will in spite of me.

I hope to be bold with many more heavenly bottoms the rest of my days.

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Amber said...

I love it! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one God id having these nutty conversations with- been there done that. We talk a lot in the shower, too. At the gym I use various products other people have given me in the shower so I pray for their family when I use them. I need the direct reminder- so few brain cells left these days :) Next time I see someone with words on their behind, I'll remember to ask God what He wants me to tell them- which is much better than, 'why do you have words on your rear?!' thanks for your transparency! :)

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