Sunday, January 18, 2009


So, the other day I decided to make a small sign (as pictured above to the right of the door). The sign reads, "Baby Sleeping, Please Do Not Ring the Doorbell Between 1-4 p.m., Thanks." I was motivated to make the sign after the UPS man rang the doorbell while my boys were sleeping. ("No, please No!" I thought). We all know that nap time is sacred time.

My daughter watched me as I wrote, and then taped, the sign outside the door. I could see the wheels of her little mind just turning. What was she possibly thinking?

"Mommy, I need to make a sign too," she says, "Will you help me spell?" So she proceeds to dictate her thoughts to me, which I greatly condensed so they would actually fit on this 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. In case you are having trouble reading her precious writing she states, "If you have American Girl dolls go home and get your things for a fashion show."

It's funny. There are times that I think she, as a very mature 4 year old, "gets" how the world works; then something like this happens. So I innocently ask, "How many people are you expecting to come and bring their dolls for the show?" "Well, the little girl we saw last year (she means last week) at the toy store might come by." And though this is possible since we do live in the same city of only about 250,000 people, the chances are slim to none. But I don't tell her that. I just smile to myself at her precious naivety and take a picture.

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