Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dance Class Canceled

Yesterday was Tuesday (if like me you need a reminder). On Tuesdays Hailey is now going to a Dancing for Jesus class (see previous post). About two hours before it was time to leave she said, "Mommy, I am going to go ahead and get dressed and start practicing for dance class. I want to do really good this week." She went into her room and closed her door to prepare.

As I was downstairs doing my chores I received a call that the class had been canceled (due to the massive snowstorm; actually it was a dusting). "Oh," I thought, this was going to be a downer. In the matter of moments she came dancing downstairs dressed in her leotard, tights, and black dance skirt, twirling two scarves and singing a praise song. Did I have to tell her? She was so happy. "Maybe I could hold dance class here," I thought. My heart sank.

I sat down on the kitchen floor and asked her to come over to me. After telling her how beautifully she was dancing, I broke the news. Her little face turned from a gleaming smile to disappointed confusion. She didn't scream or cry, it was just...quiet reflection. I almost lost it.

Then I started to think. I bet this is how God must feel sometimes. You know; the moments when life is moving with seeming perfection, we are dressed for the occasion, our dreams fulfilled seem to be right around the corner, and then a change of plans, a curve ball we weren't expecting. The dancing stops. Our hearts break. We wonder why.

But in those moments we sometimes forget the character of God. He is all-knowing; He knows that even though you won't have dance class today you will next week. His timing is perfect and His motivation is love. He wants to bless you and me, as His children. He wants to give us good things. He does have to discipline, but it is only out of love. The key is looking at circumstances through the lens of His character, rather than defining His character through the lens of our circumstance.

Thankfully kids are so resilient. In just a few minutes she had turned her attention and she wasn't even holding a grudge towards me for "spoiling" her plans. We could really learn some things from the heart and attitude of a child.

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Anonymous said...

Ok did we have dance class at home?

Granny B

Em said...

mmm, so true...

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