Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dance with Him

It was just one sentence that sent chills down my spine. I was reading in Judges this morning (a light read for 6 a.m.) and one sentence jumped off the page, "the children of Israel (God's covenant children) dwelt among the (people of the land)...(intermarrying and serving their gods)." Do you know what happened? The anger of the Lord was hot against Israel and He gave them over into the hand of the king (Judges 3:5-6, 8).

Something within me longs for revival. It has been a beat of my heart for the last six years, but recently I can almost hear the thumping. If you are one that calls yourself a child of God (as I am), then I believe the time is at hand to get real with this God we call Father. We live in a society that calls good evil and evil good and as believers we have a choice: we can dance around with the world, "intermarrying and serving its gods," or we can choose this day to love and serve God Almighty.

This world is enticing. I battle the seduction myself, almost daily, and at times hourly. But nothing this world has to offer fulfills like knowing God. Nothing. He Himself is life. He is love and abounding in mercy.

Judges 3 continues, "When the children of Israel cried out to the LORD, the LORD raised up a deliverer for the children of Israel." (v. 9) He is waiting with arms open wide, as a father waiting for his child to come to him for provision, ready to meet the most tender of needs and the most consuming of fears. Let me not be guilty of forgetting.

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