Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No Fear? No faith.

Gideon. I think there was a guy in my high school named Gideon; but to be honest I have never pondered this "mighty man of valor" found in the pages of Judges chapters 6-8.

We meet up with Gideon while the Israelites were in the midst of oppression from the Midianites. (Imagine that.) Once again they were "doing evil" and rebelling from their heavenly Father, forgetting all of the wonders He had worked in their midst. So God chose Gideon to stir things up a bit. Gideon, the youngest from the weakest clan of Israel, obeyed God by tearing down the altar of the false god and then leading the invasion on the enemy's camp. And God revealed His power.

As I read this story my mind circled around one thing: fear when faced with challenges. I am not talking about the fear that arises from stupid decisions (like right before you go down an icy ski slope entitled "The Plunge"). The fear in which I am speaking is that holy fear that penetrates your bones when you know God is leading you to do something outside of your power or control. Do you know what I mean? This is the kind of fear that usually precedes a mighty work of God, if we obey.

Gideon experienced this fear and so have I (though God hasn't asked me to lead an invasion on the enemy's camp...yet). But it is usually through this kind of fear we must walk with leaps of faith if we are going to experience and reveal the great power of our God through our lives.

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Brent Irwin said...

I enjoy your thoughts Lara! I did know you were a blogger! I just started one last week. I only have one thing posted thus far, but I think it will be fun to put stuff up. See you around!

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