Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Laughter and Honor

Have you ever laughed with God? I do on a regular basis. Many times we laugh together at my random antics (like when I am looking everywhere for my cell phone while I am talking on it to someone...oh yeah!) or the words of my children ("Mommy, that baseball game is going to be hysterical. What does hysterical mean?"). My favorite though is laughter that flows from His blessings poured upon me; Not material blessings, necessarily, but blessings more weighty, blessings in the spirit. This is the laughter that sparks both unspeakable joy coupled with utter amazement.

God is just so cool. He is both intimately acquainted with every aspect of me, every aspect of you, while at the same time being completely other-than, so infinitely beyond our human mind's conception. He is both Daddy and Holy Father; Lover of my soul and Creator Most-High; Lamb and Lion. He designed you and me with great precision, great purpose, and desires that you and I walk in victory and abundance. He is able to loose chains of bondage when at every angle there appears to be hopelessness. He is God. He is good.......He is even fun. Get to know Him from His love letter to you (a.k.a. the Bible).

You are amazing, God! I Praise You!

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