Thursday, February 12, 2009

Miss the Blessing

I do not want to miss the blessings of God. I know I have missed many over the years, but enough is enough.

We hear the terms "permissive" vs. "perfect" when referring to the will of God. And though I cannot think of a specific verse in the Bible that uses those words, there is something to this concept.

God has given humans free will. In most all circumstances of life we have a choice: blue or green, pizza or salad, UNC or Duke. Then the heavier choices: stay with him or leave, keep the baby from a rape or not, one last drink, one last pill, one last look. The vast range of choices presents a wide array of consequences.

Some choices are obvious. We know that salad would be better for our health than pizza or that UNC is far superior to Duke (Have I lost some of you?). While other choices seem surrounded by fog. The bottom line is that we can miss God's blessings in life. In our society of cushy couches and full refrigerators, difficulty or inconvenience often sends us running to Ben and Jerry's.

But God. I don't know your situation and am not telling you what to do by any means, that is between you and God. But I heard someone say yesterday that God would never ask someone to stay in an abusive situation. I disagree. AGAIN, this is not a blanket statement right for every situation. Please hear me. But, to say never is pretty presumptuous of God's character, ability, and will.

I actually think the opposite is true. We see in scripture the promise that as a child of God we will experience trials, persecutions, and difficulty. It is through these seeming impossible situations, apparently hopeless scenarios, that God can show His power and might in ways the human mind has trouble conceiving. And it is through those circumstances of trust that the blessings of God can literally take our breath away and bring us to our knees in praise.

Keep your eyes set on Him, sweet friend, He is the blessing.

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