Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The moon is an interesting thing. John Piper in A Godward Life alludes to the "awesomeness" of the moon, "If you stood in the sunlight on the moon, the fluids in your body would boil, but if you walked into the shadow of a large rock, you would quickly freeze solid."

The other night when driving home my daughter asked about the full moon that was shining brightly in the clear sky. In essence she was wondering, "Why?" I tried to explain the concept of reflection; that the moon was reflecting the light of the sun. (How her mind must have been spinning.) In my short dissertation to my precious first-born, I had to throw in some theology, "Just like God wants us to reflect Him to others."

This morning as I was reading Exodus 34, I was reminded of this conversation. After much drama with the Israelites, Moses once again goes back up on Mount Sinai to meet with God to renew their covenant. When he came down from the 40 day fasting retreat he didn't realize that the skin on his face shone. He was reflecting the glory of God...and the people were afraid, in awe.

The truth is that when we spend time with God, getting to know Him, searching His face, hearing His heart, and being changed from within, it will reflect. When Peter and John were arrested, documented in Acts 4, the Jewish leaders commanded them not to teach in the name of Jesus. Their response inspires, "...we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard."

Reflecting God (His heart, His words, and His ways) will come when we have been with Him. But we have to be with Him to reflect Him.

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