Thursday, February 26, 2009

No Goliath too Big

I know why God constantly says in His Word "Remember," simply because we as humans too easily forget!

The example of David's confidence in the Lord refreshes my soul. (And if you know the full story of David's life, I am speaking specifically of his early years.) David, probably a young teen at the time, comes to the valley where the Philistines are at war with Israel. Sent by his father, David is on a mission to bring food to his three oldest brothers and check on their welfare. When he arrives he hears this 9 foot tall Philistine, Goliath, taunting the Israelites and challenging a "winner-takes-all" dual.

David, shocked at the fear evoked within the Israelites, proclaims, "Who is this...Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God?" Then, after he volunteers to fight this giant of a man, he says, "The Lord, who delivered me from the paw of the lion and from the paw of the bear, He will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine."

Such fresh faith! When everyone around him feared, David (the youngest of the bunch!) looked to the God who has shown Himself faithful time and time again. He remembered and therefore trusted.

I don't know what Goliath you face today. We all have stuff, which means we all have opportunities: either I can trust in the living God who is forever faithful or respond to the ever-changing circumstances of life in fear and trembling. No decision, no illness, no relationship, no difficulty is outside of the power of God. We just have to make the choice to turn to Him in faith. I am not naive; I am not proclaiming this is always easy, in fact it may be the most difficult thing you ever do, but I am more than certain it is always best.

Just before the battle David declares to Goliath, "I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied...the Lord will deliver you into my hand...then all will know (that) the battle is the Lord's." Did you catch that last phrase? That is the point: the glory of God most high. He will become famous in our own little corner of the world as we allow Him to show His great power in the midst of seeming despair.

Keep at it, sweet friend; His Word to you is waiting.

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