Friday, February 20, 2009

Peaceful Parenting?

Parenting has the capability of making a person crazy. I am only 4 1/2 years into the process and I already discerned this reality. But I think I figured out one of the reasons why this is so (other than the fact that I have 3 kids under age 5).

We as parents expect our kids to obey; and when they don't (for the 53rd time that day) it makes us crazy.

Now from what I figure this is a wrong expectation. No, seriously. If we think from a spiritual perspective, kids are completely in the flesh, "Globe heads" as I once heard Beth Moore say. They think primarily of themselves in most every situation and you don't have to teach them to "sin." Do you have to coach a child to lie? or hit? or even be proud? No. It is the natural man, in the flesh. So for us as parents to expect obedience, even to the point of perfection, means we will miss the point...and in turn may have to be admitted.

It is just like what Paul said in Romans. The Law was given to point us to Christ. Yes, the Law shows us boundaries and keeps us safe, just like the rules we rehearse with our kids. But ultimately the Law, or our list of rules, cannot "keep us in line," it doesn't possess that power. The Law, rather, should point our kids to the fact that they (we) cannot live this life victoriously on our own, in our flesh. Our rules should turn their little faces to the only One who can give them the power to walk this life in obedience, and therefore in blessing.

So next time little Jimmy pulls his sister's hair out in a clump, rejoice in the opportunity to point him (yet again) to the Lord.

Keep at it, sweet friend. Let Him be your peace even amidst the whining.

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Emily said...

peaceful when your son swings his plastic golf club right at his brother's head (after you just told him to "be careful"--my gosh, doesn't he understand!) and then you can't even come up with the words..."i cannot believe you did that", "go to time out", "say you're sorry right now", "that was very mean"...something like that?!

Praise the Lord that we don't have to do it alone ;)

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