Saturday, March 28, 2009

Little JuJu

I awoke this morning still heavily burdened for my dear friend Amber. As I type she and her husband seek physical rest on a hospital couch next to their 2 year old daughter who just had surgery. Less than 3 days ago the whirlwind began with the discovery of a tumor on one of her kidneys. The doctors have successfully removed the organ and the mass, leaving an 8 inch stitched incision across her little tummy. How surreal.

Though the tears and even wails are inevitable, Amber's reflections evidence the strength of Christ. She believes this road to be ordained by her loving, heavenly Father, trusting Him to provide for each and every one of their needs--physical, emotional, and spiritual. Praise you Lord. In Him is hope even through the most trying of seasons.

I have never suffered what she is having to walk through; I wouldn't even dare to vainly compare my own scars. But I do know our God. And I know that He is true to His promises. I have experienced His power and love, invading to the core of my being even amidst despair. My first prayer is obviously for healing--precious Julia. Second, that her family would seek God in spite of their feelings. And third, as strange as it may sound, that God would bless in such indescribable ways with His faithful provision and miraculous touch.

Our world is fallen. Heart-breaking valleys will come. The question for our souls to ponder remains, "What will we do with our broken pieces?" There is a God who is real. There is a God who longs to be the mender of your heart. Turn to Him and experience His touch.

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