Thursday, March 26, 2009

Praying Psalm 23

This entry is dedicated to a dear friend walking this day with great uncertainties. I love you, sweet friend.


You say, "The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want." But Lord my soul cries to you in anguish.
You promise to make me lie down free from fear and lead me beside the still waters, but Father I wrestle to find your peace and the waters appear as rushing waves.
O be true to Your Word and restore my soul, guiding me down the road paved with righteousness.
I long to glorify Your name.

Even though I must walk through this valley garnished with shadows of unknown,
I will remind myself of Your Truth and fear no evil.
You O Lord are with me.
You both protect and guide with the comfort of a Father's touch.

Enable me, by the power of Your Spirit, to feast on Your promises, though the world might question.
Remind me of the vast depths of Your love even though I must drink of this cup.
I believe the promises and preach them to my spirit: Your goodness and mercy are following me every day, every moment.
I choose to dwell in Your presence. I choose to rest in Your love.

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