Sunday, March 22, 2009



I have to confess something to you: I am not that smart. When it comes to basic knowledge of stuff like geography and history and insects, I really do not know much. In fact Jeopardy makes me feel like a complete idiot. But I am OK with that; no need for words of encouragement.

Recently I was preparing for a talk and I came across the analogy of locusts. I realized that I really did not know what a locust was. I discovered it is something like a grasshopper. To be honest, I had always thought it was more like a slug. See? Nothing.

Here are some crazy facts about locusts:
  • they fly
  • they swarm and migrate with the wind
  • their numbers can be astronomical
  • one example: desert swarm crossed the Red Sea in 1889 estimated to cover 2000 sq. miles; there were countless millions of locusts, like dark clouds moving across the land

The Bible often refers to sin as a consuming locust. In the matter of minutes a locust swarm can devour everything it is touching. A lush tree will become a barren branch. Sin is the same way. If we try to compromise with sin, behaviors we know are in rebellion to God, we will be consumed and controlled.

In my own life I know of certain areas of weakness, places that I am more vulnerable to disobey. If I allow myself to open those doors, even a crack, I can easily become distracted.

If we are going to walk these days with the peace and joy that God wants for our lives, in spite of our circumstance, then we must guard ourselves against our individual areas of frailty. As Paul encourages, it is when we are weak that in actuality we are the most strong because then the power of God can be evidenced in our lives.

Turn to Him and trust His promises.

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