Thursday, March 19, 2009

Smite em'

Do you get offended at the depravity of our world? Do you look around and wonder how certain atrocities and abominations could actually be occurring blatantly in our nation? And God just let's it go on? But what is our heart towards those committing the atrocities; are we hoping for God's grace, mercy, and love to fall upon them or would we rather see God's hand of judgment?

If you chose judgment then you might want to reconsider the heart of God. Jesus came that those who are in rebellion to God, those who are enemies of God, might have life abundant. He did not come to this earth to judge, rather to bring living water that quenches thirst. Don't get me wrong, the Bible is clear that He will return as judge and we will all stand before Him, the Holy God, and give an account. But as for now, His heart is that none perish, that all come to true life. So that should be our heart as well.

Yes the depravity of our world, especially our nation, makes me sick. There are certain things that our country promotes as right that I know breaks the heart of God. But people are dying without ever truly living. Men and women are chasing that which will never satisfy, reaching the doors of death only to wonder if there was something more.

If we call ourselves children of the living God, then our heart should be one of grace, mercy, and love toward a dying world. We should be out there loving people, pointing them to the God who brings healing and provision.

I cherish the words of Peter and John, disciples of Christ. They say in Acts 4:20, "we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard." True "evangelism" flows from what you personally see and hear. Maybe that would include knocking on doors on Tuesday night (I don't know) but true evangelism from the heart is spontaneous, real, and of the overflow; it is at the gym, the grocery store, and your child's school. But to have this overflow we have to see and hear from God; getting to know His heart and His desires.

I am in this journey with you, sweet friend, let's press on and look into His face.

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