Wednesday, April 15, 2009

El Caballo

I have such good intentions. Today after visiting the pet store I promised to take the kids to our local library--a positive experience, right? It is almost like I forget that I have a 15 month old and 2 1/2 year old, along with the almost 5 year old (who is library broken).

We had been there for approximately 3 minutes when the baby had already discovered and dumped 3 puzzles across the children's room floor. He then quickly made his way over to a floor puzzle, pulled it apart and chucked those pieces across the room. My phone rang and for some crazy reason I actually answered it. While politely trying to close the phone conversation, my middle son starts doing the "pee-pee dance" begging for the potty. My daughter is now asking in a very loud voice if she can get 3 videos instead of just one. All the while my littlest is still on a demolition rampage. WHAT WAS I THINKING?

So I get off of the phone, take them downstairs to the bathroom then make our way back upstairs once again to the kid's area. Did a tornado hit?

Ready to leave, I encouraged everyone to quickly make their choices while helping my 2 year old put the puzzles together and corralling my little guy. After checking-out all of our treasures, we finally got to the car. Breath.

My 2 year old asked if he could have his horse book at which point I was written in Spanish. Oh yes. Oh yes.

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