Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mommy Moments

Some of you have commented about how early I post my entries at times. But if you step back and take a bird's eye view then you should easily understand. The vast majority of my morning posts are responses to my alone time with God. (Yes, I do awake early and it is absolutely priceless to me.) Now think to my posts from later in the day--the vast majority feature my kids as the stars. Without my early morning quiet with my Lord I might seriously lose my mind by the end of the day. So you see it is a simple coping mechanism.

This morning I am heavy hearted for my little ones. Last night at bath I was just watching my boys play in the tub. Then, to be very honest, the littlest grabbed my middle son in his "private area." They both started giggling. Though I explained that we do not touch each other there--that is your private, special area--inwardly my heart began to ache for all they will have to learn in this life.

"Oh Father," I silently began praying, "these precious boys have so much to learn. They are going to be tempted in their lives, especially sexually. Oh God give them wisdom from an early age and protect them from the enemy." Right then my daughter bounced into the bathroom, awaiting her turn to get clean. My spirit interceded, "Lord, help me to rightly teach this daughter of Yours about modesty and the influence of her actions upon boys. Protect her, Father. Keep her pure by Your great grace."

Oh they have so much to learn.

You could not pay me to go back to my childish days--I include college in this time period. So many life lessons needed a brick to get through to my hard head. Thankfully God is longsuffering, abundant in mercy, and abounding in love.

As a parent it is easy to get bogged down in the day to day happenings, blind to the forest for the trees. But we need to teach the big picture--the basics of this life:
  • obey God because He loves us and instructs us in ways that will bring the greatest blessing to our lives
  • love each other with our thoughts, hands, and words

As my pastor's wife says, "The days are long, but the years are short." I want to be faithful with my mommy moments and praise God that even when I am not, He remains true.

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