Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Messy Monster

Life is messy. Kids, relationships, houses--they all get messy. And I don't like messes. It makes me cringe to watch my 2 year old eat a bowl of ice cream--dripping, licking, smearing. But he enjoys it. The mess doesn't even phase him. Is he my child? The truth is I could learn something from him.

If you have read my past posts then you probably know by now that I can tend toward perfectionism. OK, I am a complete perfectionist junkie who is trying to chill out. Kids have been my natural healer in this area--they have forced me out of my neat little box into the world of mess. In the past I have assumed life would be like a sitcom--happy, slight conflict or drama, resolution, then back to happy. All within 30 minutes. But this isn't reality, this is fantasy.

Life is messy but I think God desires us to rise up inside the mess, amidst the broken, and find joy unspeakable. From sitting in a disheveled room enjoying my kids to reflecting His love to someone who has broken your heart. He can enable us to rise above the muck. We can do more than just survive.

So join me in seeking Him today even among the mess you find yourself in. He is able to provide for the most tender of needs and strengthen the faintest of hearts.

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Emily said...

I know you are in a different "mess" of sorts tonight with sick little ones...I am praying for you to rise above it, dear friend...and praying they get well very soon. Love you!

lara said...

Like I said last night, I had no idea when I wrote my blog entry yesterday how much of a "mess" I would be in that day. Yuck. But God was gracious through it.

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