Friday, April 3, 2009

To my fellow mommies

Things I thought I would never do, and especially never admit (but we all need a good laugh):
  • Smell my child's bottom (through the diaper--I do have limits!), and then talk about it over dinner with friends
  • Pick up stray goldfish crackers from various places in my vehicle and eat them
  • Let my son pee-pee outside in a public area (desperate times call for desperate measures with a 2 year old!)
  • Say, "Because I told you so" and "I'm not their mommy."
  • And my ultimate low point: use the portable potty I leave in the car (I really can explain this one!)

Now come on, I know you have some to add so please let me have a witness.

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Amber said...

You're not alone....
>Eat the fruit snacks I find in their car seats.
>Show up at the store without shoes- more than once.
>Get in the car wearing just a nursing bra.
>Teach my son to pee on the side of the road by aiming for the tire so as to not flash everyone.
>Drink from their sippy cups.
>Tell them places are closed to get out of going.

lara said...


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