Sunday, May 3, 2009

A boy's lunch

I am processing. Today our church service focused upon a desperate cultural situation--sex trafficking and slavery of women and young girls...even in our own American cities. It is not that I am completely naive. Before today I had heard statistics and had even been moved to emotion, but never to the point of action. I hope today proves different.

We can be so consumed with ourselves, can't we? Our schedules, our plans, our children, our homes, our problems. Granted there are short seasons where our attention must and should turn inward, but for the most part the majority of our self-focus reflects our natural tendency as people. I don't have to teach my kids to be selfish. It comes pretty naturally. I guess that is why Jesus tells us to love others like we love ourselves. Yes, sometimes the needs of this world feel daunting. But as the speaker today reminded, Jesus just wants us to give Him what we have, even if it is just five loaves and two fish.

Join me in getting informed. Then let's ask God what He would have us give of our time, resources, or intercession--He can use the smallest lunch to feed thousands.

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