Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sin's Deceit

So we have some bugs—computer bugs. It is amazing how one becomes “dependent” on the computer to stay connected. I have ventured to Starbucks, with a borrowed laptop, in order to appease my Internet craving.

I tell you what has been on my mind the past couple of days—the deceptiveness of sin, selfishness, and the enemy’s spirit world. An acquaintance of mine—I see her weekly—poured her heart out to me yesterday regarding her marriage. In essence she said she was “done.” Ultimately it came down to her needs not being met.

I am in the process of writing a book about being a victorious wife—little did she know that I had awoken early that morning, studying in-depth the concept of submission. Though it did sadden me to hear her despair, what actually grieved my spirit was seeing her anger, bitterness, and hardened heart toward this man she calls husband. Yes, I could see that from her perspective he was not being the man she “needed” or even wanted. But I am learning that that is not really the point of marriage.

Believe me, my marriage has faced some potentially devastating circumstances. But God has taught me much and challenged my vantage point. In the end it comes down to me, and you, before a holy God. What am I supposed to do, Lord? How do you want me to respond? We cannot control what other people feel, do, say, or think—have you figured that one out yet? All we can control is our own thoughts and actions—and that is a full-time job.

Remember to dance before an audience of One. Get to know Him from His word. He has faithfully revealed Himself and His promises. Dig deep and live. His blessing will follow obedience.

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