Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rain or Shine

My prayer life has been challenged over the past year. I realized it recently when someone asked me to fervently pray for her as she was going to the beach, "Lara, will you please pray that we have sunny weather. Please." I said, "OK" but then pondered the conversation. You see, I know this person is struggling in her faith. I know her marriage is on the rocks. Honestly my most prominent prayer for her is that she meet with God at the beach--rain or shine. That she would have a time of renewal in her relationship with Him, rather than a few days "away from everything." I have been reluctant to break the news to her. I am praying that I myself would be bold when she mentions it again--that with love I could share my heart's desire for her.

I am not saying we should not pray for comfort and blessings--Lord knows I do! But I have reevaluated the motives in many of my prayers. For example I ask, why do I really want "this person" to change? Is it because it would make my life a lot more bearable if they would just straighten up!? Or is it because I love them and desire that they walk in victory and freedom? Ouch.

Then recently we faced some financial challenges. Do I simply pray for God to provide? Or do I pray for wisdom--God show us if you want us to sell our home, sell our car, sell our children (though I am kidding that is a devastating reality for some)--and then strength to be obedient? I mean, if we are not being faithful in some area of our lives then how can He rightfully pour out His provision and blessing? (By the way, He is faithfully spilling forth both wisdom and provisions. Thank you, Lord!)

Ultimately He wants us as His children to experience the life that Jesus died to give--freedom from the sin and weight that entangles. There will be seasons of trial--meant to be a refiner's fire. There will be times of wanting--meant to push us further into Him. I pray for you today--that whatever your circumstance, you would allow God to use it for His great glory. And that if He allows the rain to fall, you would remember that He is faithful. So dance and splash--the sun will shine again.

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