Friday, May 15, 2009

A Time Not to Clean

Yesterday afternoon I had a moment. The house was quiet as all were napping--except me of course--and I had a choice of how to spend my time. Usually my routine includes about an hour of straightening, cleaning, and organizing my quickly ransacked home. But not this day.

I started pondering what the "great cloud of witnesses" would be cheering me to do. You know--all of those who have gone on before us. I imagined Paul--who told us that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Would he be cheering me to do more cleaning? Or would he be shouting for something more eternal in value?

So I made the commitment never to clean again. Just kidding. But I did say to myself, "You know, there is a time to clean and a time not to clean--or a time to sit at the computer, watch TV, read a magazine, etc, and most moments not to. God show me how to be faithful with this moment." I realized it was not the time to clean--it was the time to meditate upon His word and write encouragement to others.

This life is but a flicker. We have each been given a limited number of moments--oh how I want to be faithful with my little handful. The daily demands of life do call, but I pray today--when you and I have choice--that we would choose that which has eternal significance.

Let us not waste our time--rather spend it ministering to those closest to us, working our way outward. Our God is worth the fight, friend. Get to know Him deeply.

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