Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Wife's Arena

Yesterday I mused over the concept of being a blessing to others--a giver. And an interesting challenge arose for me as a wife. Why is it easier to give to strangers, acquaintances, and friends rather than to my husband? Maybe I am alone in this but it seems like when it comes to my spouse I can be consumed with my needs and my wants--rather than sacrificing me-ness and being selfless. But why?

I think because it is the most real. It is where we are the most vulnerable. This person knows our every fault--and we theirs. But ultimately this relationship has the greatest potential to reflect the love of Christ--in the midst of mess and weakness, dying to self and choosing to bless. This will be an area of great stretching when it comes to selfless love--where dependence on the Spirit of God proves necessary. But as I have said before, blessing will follow obedience.

I pray that we as wives keep our priorities straight--believe me, I am once again preaching to myself. That our attitude of giving will begin in our home, towards this man with whom we have vowed. If we are going to love like Christ, then we must get our eyes off of our "needs" and onto the needs of those closest to us--reflecting a true servant's heart. Then hopefully the words of Janet Jackson--"What have you done for me lately?"--will fade into the background of distorted thinking.

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Shana said...

I pulled up your blog just now, and as I scrolled down and I happen to let go of the down arrow at this post. God works wonders...even with a keyboard. I needed to read this post on this day, at this moment....thanks.

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