Monday, July 27, 2009

A Girl Like Me

Let me just preface my ponderings today with an underlying truth: I wholeheartedly believe in the God designed headship of the husband. (I love (and respect) you, Honey!) With that said, it seems like male headship and female submission often get a "bad rap." Male headship can be distorted to male superiority, and female submission to doormat mentality. Oh how God designed things so differently and in turn, beautifully.

Though to go into a detailed definition on either would take much longer than you may want to spend with me this day, I just wanted to say one quick thing as a woman. I am so thankful that God called women like Deborah to do mighty things, and then had it recorded in His timeless Word! If you go to Judges 4-5 in the Old Testament you can read of this one I speak. She was a wife, mother (probably), and prophetess. She spoke victory over the army of the Israelites and then led them when the commander grew faint hearted. God used her in mighty ways to bring deliverance for His people!

It is easy to convince ourselves that we cannot do this or that because of our status--socially, economically, racially, etc. But if God calls, He will equip! Our God is big and He does big things to bring His name glory. He is worthy. Let's give Him our day today and allow Him to use us how He sees fit. Shed the sin that entangles. Ask for His eyes to see and ears to hear. Meditate on His truth rather than fears or failures. He can and will use you!

For further nourishment: Judges 4-5

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