Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dance, I dare you.

Are you free to dance? I am not talking about gyrating or pulsating in the clubs--I say "clubs" more like "cluuuuuubs." (Why do I think you care about things like this?!) Anyway, freedom to dance... The most amazing dance is freely dancing before the Lord, in worship and praise. I can say this because I have been in the cluuuuubs in my younger days.

This is the dance that overcomes you simply because you are overwhelmed with the majesty of God. This is the dance that stirs your spirit and strengthens your soul. Oh, how I love Him. This is the dance that flows from love and awe. This is the dance that drops the chains and looks to an audience of One.

So are you free to dance? Get alone with Him today, turn up the tunes, and worship Him in dance. I dare you.

This is an older song by Mary Mary but it has been one of my favs for years..."Shackles"

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