Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Apples, not Urine!

True story.

So my daughter had her 5 year doctor's visit scheduled for this afternoon. As requested I obtained her first morning urine sample in the provided, sterile cup. I placed said cup in our refrigerator until after school, at which point I picked her up and ran a quick errand before the dreaded appointment.

Just as a side note, are all girls this dramatic? She seriously whined and cried--off and on--for the entire 2 hours preceding the appointment and an hour after the appointment because she feared the inevitable--shots!

Now, back to the story. So after I picked her up at school we went to Target--my personal favorite for most of your shopping needs. As we were walking down the aisles she asked, "Mommy, can I please have my bag of apples?" "Of course, honey, they are right here in my purse." I reached in and flung out the bag, dangling it in front of her in the middle of the center aisle while I looked down the adjacent aisle for the final items on my list.

But nope, it wasn't her apples, it was the baggy with her urine sample inside--which I realized after a moment of her not taking the bag from my hand. That's right. I was waving around a urine sample in the middle of Target at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. She and I busted out laughing.


I know you are wondering why I had the bag in my purse. Well, it is hot here in North Carolina. I thought the reasonable thing to do would be to put the bag in my purse so it did not "go bad" or something while we were inside. I don't know. I cannot think straight by the middle of the day.

So, apples, not urine!

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Amber said...

You are a riot! Though this is coming from someone who has carried urine samples in a lunch cooler bag (in a ziploc first of course!!). It all goes back to the many things we keep alive in a day- self, husband, kids, cats, dogs, fish, sea monkeys, vegetable gardens, houseplants, herbs, flowers, lawns... seriously! How is is we have any brain cells left?!

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