Friday, August 7, 2009

Process of Becoming

We as people can be so proud in our flesh, like we really have it all together--all figured out. The other day a friend was asking my opinion on a particular, well-known Christian teacher. I said that overall, what I have heard, this particular person has lined up with scripture. Though I haven't read this teacher's statement of faith or anything, I had gleaned truths and been challenged in my walk under their teaching.

Then my friend told me that another well-known Christian teacher criticized this first Christian teacher, calling them a "false prophet." I know this is confusing but I want to avoid any names. I really know nothing about this but it just did not settle well with me.

I believe the Bible is clear that we will know the faithful followers by their fruit; and there are some "hills upon which to die" when it comes to tenets of the faith. But streaming through the pages of the New Testament is the word "unity." When the Body of Christ, His church, does not abide in unity in love then I honestly believe it breaks the heart of God.

Here's the thing, we are all in process! Yesterday as I pondered the 2 Corinthians 3 passage, specifically verses 17-18, it hit me so heavily. Paul's says, "(we) are being transformed into the same image (the image of Christ Himself) from glory to glory just as by the Spirit of the Lord." We are all in process!

When our fellow brother or sister in Christ is not rightfully dividing the Word, or not walking in obedience to God's commands, then our response should not be gossip and name-calling! Our response should be intercession and then confrontation in love and humility. We are all in process! If you and I had it all figured out, then we would probably be with our Lord! So we must give people a little space, a little grace--grace to be transformed from glory to glory.

Let's be the Body of Christ. Let's love one another--beginning with those closest to us!--and be the Body of our Lord. He is so very good. We are all in process! Praise Him.

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