Friday, September 25, 2009


Day 7: Revelation 3:1-6; Mrs. Lotz had us skip a portion. Are you still with me?

One thing I read both yesterday and today in my readings of Revelation was the word "overcome." More specifically, those who "overcome"--or "overcometh" if you read KJV--will be with the Father in paradise for eternity. I was curious, what does it mean to really overcome in this life? Some days I feel far from an overcomer.

So I looked in my "handy-dandy" Strong's Concordance--I've seen way too much Blue's Clues, people--and found that it means "subdue." But I still needed more; something more tangible. Something that could help me when I am juggling the daily tasks of mommyhood and everyone needs 18 things at one time. I discovered that the same word was used in 1 John 5--written by the same John who authored Revelation. So there I went.

In 1 John 5:1-5, we see John bookending this passage with the concept of belief. He does a circular explanation, in a way, and the reader learns that to be an overcomer means that we believe Jesus is the Son of God; and this belief is evidenced by our daily lives.

"How is it evidenced?" you ask. Great question. The answer hinges on love. Jesus says that if we love Him then we will obey Him. That means we choose to forgive when we feel like being bitter. We choose to serve when we feel like being waited upon. We choose to bless with our minds when we feel like tearing someone down. That is love--selflessly flowing from the gracious love of the Father and in the power of His might...not our own.

So do my moments reveal the belief that Jesus is God's Son? That He came to overcome the power of sin and freely gives that gift to me? Or do I act more like a three year old, demanding my desires be met and my rights be fulfilled--still living the "me-life"?

Hmmmm, depends on what time of day you ask me.

Truth is, the demands of life can only be "overcome" by continually bringing our thoughts into captivity to obedience. In Him is freedom.

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