Thursday, October 1, 2009

Confession of the Mind

God is so faithful to discipline His children. Thank you, Lord. He does it perfectly with the motive of pure love for His own. If we would--I would--be quick to listen. Oh, that we would not grow hard of hearing or calloused of heart. Help us, Lord.

He is working in me, prodding me, to "put off" an attitude of my flesh. It is almost as if His faithful hand is on my back side pressing me away from a certain mindset--a mindset that tends toward the inessentials rather than the essentials. A mindset that most often surfaces in mommyhood. It is something He wants me free of, that I might walk these days with a lighter burden. Teach me, Lord.

Most battles of the heart begin in the mind. For a while I have been praying for awareness with my thought life--that my mind would not wander down roads that could lead to relationship destruction. God is so faithful to reveal if we truly want to see. Then I have been challenged to replace erroneous thinking with thoughts that honor and bless. Hence, my current dilemma of shedding. (I love that I can use the word "hence" in writing--it just isn't a word I get to say without strange looks.)

In the power of His might, in submission to the mind of Christ, we are able to "bring every thought captive to obedience." (2 Corinthians 10:3-6) Honoring speech is not enough--spoken through clinched jaws. He wants our hearts, overflowing with His love, spilling out of our mouths. Change us, Lord. That is freedom. That is joy.

May we His people be a people pure of heart. Praise you, Lord.

Here is a song by Kari Jobe that just does not grow old, "Revelation Song." He is totally, completely worthy.

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