Friday, October 2, 2009

Molecular Change

Day 10: Revelation 4:1-3a, somewhat forcing myself to the text

No, honestly, I have noticed that on the days I am in Revelation I really have to make a conscious choice to be there. Not that it isn't inspiring, it just takes effort because much of it is so completely "other-than" our day-to-day happenings. But God is completely "other-than" so teach us Lord.

The phrases that made an impression this morning were Christ's words, "Come up here," followed by "at once" John was in the Spirit. Though I cannot fully explain what it means that John was immediately "in the Spirit," I would venture to say that he was somehow transformed with a view of the spiritual realm of which we on this earth have no idea. Wow.

The point? God's spoken word has the power to molecularly change anything He wills. Just think about that. We see in creation that He simply spoke it and the world was created out of nothing. That should completely blow our minds. His power is infinite and consuming. For a short time on this finite earth, He is allowing His plan of redemption to unfold--seeking those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth. (John 4) But dare we let our "freedom" of choice take anything away from His absolute power.

So how should that affect me in my moments of today? Moments that are often really messy--literally. If He has promised it, spoken it, either in His Word or personally to your spirit, it will come to pass. A door He opens cannot be shut. This is a place of great rest--a place on which to stand when our vision seems so limited. When He declares blessing over those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, believe. When He declares blessing over the merciful, believe. When He declares blessing over the pure of heart and the peacemaker, believe. (see Matthew 5)

I want to stand on His word rather than riding the waves of my emotion or circumstance. Lord, transform our minds so that we might be awed by your power and rest on Your promises, even when the moments may seem so uncertain.

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