Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Keeping Watch

Day...who knows. My early ambitions for documenting all of the insights God granted during my study of Revelation have fizzled to a few sporadic writings. But today, as we had our final Wednesday morning study, I found myself so inspired--so fired up--from the Revelation prophecy. Here are three closing comments that I hope stay impressed upon me:

  1. God's Word can be fully trusted.

    Some may say it is outdated. Some may question its validity. But His Word, graciously given to us--His creation--is profitable, piercing, and powerful. His promises will come to pass. His instruction is an anchor regardless of feeling.

  2. Jesus Christ will come again.

    God the Father--out of His immense love for us--sent His Son to be the sacrifice for the sins of mankind. And as hundreds of eyewitnesses attested, Jesus was killed on a cross then rose again three days later--defeating death. Who does that?! Who plans such a redemption?! Only God. Jesus then publicly ascended to the Father where He said He was going to prepare a place for those who choose to believe.

    I know it may seem crazy, mind-boggling in its detailed perfection. But if it is true...

    This same Jesus who ascended to the Father will come again to this earth. He will come for His own. He is waiting for the Father to say, "It is time." So what will He find you and I doing this day--fighting the fight of faith or succumbing to the hopelessness of this fleeting world?

  3. God is worthy of continual praise.

    We in our finite minds cannot even fathom His glory. If we could just get a glimpse of His holiness, then our only response would be continual praise. Pray to see Him rightly.

These truths are not just distant ideas that have no effect upon our day. These truths have the potential of completely transforming our days...if we will simply believe. True--the road will be bumpy. But He desires we know Him intimately and trust Him fully every step of this momentary path. I am telling you, nothing else can fulfill that aching in your soul. Nothing.

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