Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lego Mania

We finally gave them to my son. But to understand the magnitude of the gift, you have to grasp my husband's childhood addiction. He absolutely loved Legos and could build practically anything. The hundreds of pieces have been stored in our attic, inside of an old metal popcorn container from the '80's--just waiting for the perfect moment.

This past weekend, the time was right. And for my husband it was a moment he wanted to remember--the unveiling of a very special gift. He brought my son into the kitchen and tried to give a short heartfelt "speech"--as much as a 3-year-old could handle--then he opened the lid. Hours of playtime--both for my kids and nostalgic husband--have followed in these past few days.

This got me thinking. You know, God has gifts for His children--precious, timely, and chosen gifts. But often He has to wait on our "becoming" before they can be given. He waits for our maturing--spiritually, emotionally, or physically (so we don't eat the gift). Then when the time is just right, He--with anticipation of our joy--gives the gift--one that was set aside just for you and for me from the foundation of the earth.

Thank you, Father. You are gracious.

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