Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blessed Indeed

How do I define a blessing--
Based on ease of days?
Flowing with my circumstance?
Gaged by come what may?

Or do I count the brokenness,
Aware that only He
Can bring about an overflow
From ash struck poverty?

Do my eyes catch glimpses full
His ever-stretching grace,
That meets me when the thorns pierce deep,
That soothes the stricken space?

His blessings are not measured
By how much my hands can hold,
The health of those who love me,
Or my dreams that all unfold.

His blessings seep to places deep--
Refresh, Renew, Restore--
Peace and rest in spite of tests
And mercy shore to shore.

There will be days that pull my gaze,
But how I long to be
One who's fixed upon my Lord--
One who's blessed indeed.

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