Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ways Unsearchable

Day...18...I think: Revelation 19:9-16; so...you won't be able to publish a commentary from my sporadic writings on Revelation. But, here I am, pressing through.

Today in the text we get a glimpse of the almighty Jesus. You know, there is a tendency to picture Him in our minds as petting little lambs and picking dandelions. But that does not fully portray the savior who bore God's wrath for our redemption. Yes, He is the giver of peace. He does welcome the little children to Himself. But there is a dimension of His character--His righteous, holy character--we often overlook. He is almighty.

In Revelation today He appears riding on a white horse, eyes blazing, robe crimson stained, with the armies of heaven behind Him. His power and glory are revealed in the fullness of time. And juxtaposed next to His scorn upon the cross, our minds clamor to grasp this God-man.

Truth is He humbled Himself, letting go of the glory due His name, when He came as a servant on this earth. (Philippians 2:5-11) Then He submitted His will to that of the Father and drank the cup of wrath rightly due to us--those who reject God's love in our flesh. (Matthew 26:36-46) This Jesus then died a brutal death--physically and spiritually--out of His love for you and me, then defeated death that it would no longer hold its sting. He is almighty.

God's ways are not our own. He is infinitely higher than us. His plans go beyond our reach. But He is seeking those who will trust in Him, that He may then lavish His grace and wisdom upon the faithful follower.

The days and moments of this life can be so difficult at times. But when our understanding ends--when our hearts go astray--if we as His children will come back to what we know is true, this almighty God will bless our walking by faith--abundantly beyond our conceiving. He is that good.

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