Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cats and Dogs

I don't think there could be a better depiction of the often scenario in our home. This is a picture of my kids on Halloween. My eldest is a black cat. My middle son is a Dalmatian dog. And the baby of the family...well...a knight. And there couldn't be a better portrayal.

Truthfully, my son and daughter are polar opposites. She is a rule-abider. He prefers anarchy. She is gentle in her touch. He could "tear up an anvil," according to my mom. He knows exactly how to push her ever-sensitive buttons. All of this making for continual bickering between the two. Hence the reason for the baby wearing protective gear.

Yet there are those glimpses--like yesterday. As I spent a moment scraping gum from car seats and sucking up snacks from last month in my blue bling, the two of them "pretended" to be best friends. I had to stop and take in the sweetness. "Let's hold hands," said the boy. "OK," said the girl, "we are best friends." "Yeah." I didn't want to breath. I didn't want it to drift away with the impending nightly routine.

Then I thought of me before God. You know, I am sure He looks upon His children with such delight when we love someone who is difficult to love. When we set aside personality struggles and simply hold hands with those where arguing comes more naturally. When we rise above those fleshly irritations and reflect His heart for unity among His own. I am sure He smiles.

Oh, that we would be His children bound by love.

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1 comment:

Emily said...

Ah, if we could all just "keep the peace"...wouldn't it be a much nicer place to live?

PS-Love the costumes (& Jack says he does too ;)

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