Monday, November 23, 2009

Love Letter

God is not an egotistical-maniac. He is not out to ruin our fun. He loves. He created you and me with great precision, with great purpose. He designed our souls, and our hearts He knows perfectly. In His complete knowledge of us, He knows exactly what is best for us--what will bring us the highest joy, pervading peace, and floating hope. And one of the primary ways He reveals Himself is through His Word.

I know, I know, some have a real problem with the Bible, saying that it is outdated and unreliable. But scientific research even humbles in the face of evidence; not to mention experientially the magnitude of its power. We simply have to seek His wisdom with our whole heart. We have to approach the Word of God believing He wants to speak. Then He does.

So often I have asked God for a word for me in a specific situation to combat a specific emotion and mindset. And in some miraculous, unexplainable way He leads me to a passage written centuries before yet written specifically for me in that moment of time. He challenges me to stand on His paradoxical ways--like forgiving the seeming unforgivable, loving the absolutely unlovely, and blessing those who ridicule. There I find true life, true freedom.

Do you love His Word? He wrote it to you. He revealed Himself because He loves you. He desires you to believe and trust--even when you cannot see with these physical eyes. He will meet you right where you are--the mountain or the valley. Let Him lavish you with grace and love.

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