Sunday, November 22, 2009

Taming the Tongue

Words hold power. The words of another can lift you until you believe you could truly fly. And yet words can so crush your spirit that you believe the lies of hopelessness. Great power in words.

Throughout the Proverbs there are lessons on the power of the tongue--that in it is life and death. But truly, what comes out of the mouth when pressed reveals the ponderings of the heart. So what are we pondering? Are we meditating on criticisms, lies, and negativity? Or are we meditating on how we can build up another--how we can make our little space a bit lighter?

To speak words that lift means we need hearts that bless. A man's heart is the man. (Proverbs 23:7) So may we guard our hearts, guard our thought lives, that when the time to speak arises our words will lift and grant hope to the hearer.

Maybe you have been hurt by the words of another. Then God's instruction is clear: forgive. Release him or her from your own judgment and pray for their heart's meditation. This will be freedom to your soul. God sees. He is able to lift when others tear down. He is able to whisper words that build. Seek His truth spoken both about you and to you. You are precious and fearfully made. Believe.

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