Thursday, November 12, 2009

Perfect Parent

A quick word to all of you parents-out-there-on-the-front-line...

I had the car loaded yesterday morning and couldn't meet all of the "needs" being requested, which caused whining. So I closed the door. Remembering I had forgotten something inside, I started up the steps and said to God, "What am I doing wrong?" He said--not audibly, but to my spirit, or I would have freaked--"I am the perfect parent, and you don't obey Me."*

Some things are just not in our control. We are called and instructed to first love the Lord with everything in us, and then allow His love to flow out onto others--beginning with those in our homes. Then, leave the results to Him. He alone can change the heart.

Teach, Train, Discipline, not shame.


*This idea was something that someone had said to me a couple of years ago. He just reminded me of its great truth in this moment.

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