Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Face of God

My kids have their own little Bible through which God often speaks so loudly. Do you have this happen? You are reading a bedtime Bible story to them, for their benefit, and wham! truth. Last night it was Jesus teaching the disciples how to pray, known as the Lord's prayer. You can read it for yourself from a non-caricature Jesus in Luke 11.

It was the first phrase of this prayer I have known since childhood that hit me like a brick before bed. "Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name." A couple reminders to ponder from this short sentence:

First, when we pray we are talking to our heavenly Daddy. A Daddy that loves without limit and desires good things for His children. A Daddy who can be fully trusted with every desire our hearts may handle. A Daddy who knows the beginning from the end, the first from the last, and who is preparing a place for His own that no mind has ever conceived (1 Cor. 4:9). We are speaking to our Father in heaven.

Second, His name is to be hallowed. What is hallowed, you ask? Hallowed means to make holy, consecrated, and pure. The name of God is to be made holy in our hearts. His name--Who He is--rendered sanctified. In prayer it is easy to focus on His hands--all He does for us and to us and through us--but I think Jesus is challenging us to look at His face. Who is this God worthy of continual praise? Hallowed be His name.

In my own life I want to be at a place in my relationship with Him that even if He never does anything for me again--except just be my Daddy--His name is enough. Even if my world seemingly falls apart, I can still trust His motive towards me is love and He will never leave or forsake me, because that is Who He is. Father I long to look at Your face.

In our prayer time today join me in setting apart His name--entering His courts with praise simply for who He is.

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