Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Humbly Thankful

We as people tend to think we deserve something from God--like we, in essence, are good. But we deserve nothing except what He graciously put upon His Son. I read the chapters in Joshua that detail the bloody conquests of the nations within the Promised Land and can't help but have a twinge of sorrow for the "innocent." But truthfully there are none innocent. (see Joshua 10-11)

When we read texts that are difficult to mesh with our twenty first century "civilized" minds, we have to go back to what we know is true about our Father. He is faithful to His Word. He is fully just. He sees the heart of man. He is love. He is holy. And He can be fully trusted. From the lens of His character we can look more clearly at difficult passages.

We deserve nothing except what He laid upon His Son. If you call Him "Daddy" then He has drawn you to Himself out of His great mercy, not because of our piddly good deeds. Praise Him.

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