Monday, December 14, 2009

Facebook Frenzy

It's a time warp. I glance at the clock on the lower right hand corner of our computer monitor and say to myself, "OK, only 5 minutes. I am only going to get on here for 5 minutes." Twenty minutes later I sign out, now knowing what a couple hundred of my closest "friends" are up to in their little corners of the world. That's right, I am talking about Facebook.

Is this site not ingenious? With the ability to bring every acquaintance you have ever had right into your living room, the term addiction easily comes with the territory. Not only that, there are hundreds of time-wasters, uh, I mean games, that draw-in even the most cautious of users. So what's a girl to do?

Most of my days are spent directing my live-in preschoolers, juggling housework, and swatting down "mommy-guilt" ever rising to the surface. So taking a few minutes to catch up with friends can prove refreshing. But user beware.

At our twenty-first century fingertips are a plethora of things wanting to make it into the top-ten of our perpetual to-do lists. But not all good things are good all the time. If I am faithful with my moments then I will be faithful with my life. It all comes down to the moment.

I luv me some Facebook; but I see in my own life that it must be handled with a guarded heart, guarded eyes, and a guarded watch.

Just thinking...

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Anonymous said...

Norfolk Southern is going to come lookin' for ya'!


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