Tuesday, December 15, 2009


People affect me. Sometimes I wish they didn't--like there was a protective shield that the attitudes and words of others could not penetrate. But that is not life. That is not how we are made. We are designed to be affected. Even Jesus was affected by His surroundings.

Throughout the gospels we see Him moved with compassion for the weary and scattered (see Matthew 9:35-38). He wept when He observed Mary and Martha walking through the pangs of death. He was affected...perfectly.

Jesus was, and is, one with the Father. He was the God-man--beyond our human comprehension. Every person, He knows intricately--He sees the heart. Every motive, He comprehends. Every word, He grasps the drive. He was affected...perfectly.

He is moved because He sees our desperate need for oneness with the Father. And I want to be affected like that--where the words and attitudes of others are filtered through His vision and His desire for their gaze. I want to respond to the heart of the matter rather than surface exchange. Father, only You can do this kind of work. I submit to Your filling.

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