Saturday, December 12, 2009

Just One

I have been wanting to understand prayer in greater depths. I decided to read Jesus' prayer in John 17 with pen and paper in hand, wanting to write down every "type" of thing He said. I figure, if He said it then it must be right.

As I read the 26 verses of His conversation with the Father, I realized that He really only asked for one thing. That's it. Just one thing. He asked that those who believe would be one with the Father. That's it. Be one. Everything else is an outflow.

He didn't ask that their bodies prosper--spared from painful martyrdom. He didn't ask that they be taken out of this difficult world. He didn't ask that their marriages, children, or jobs would make them happy. He simply asked that they would be one with God on High.

This oneness is initiated by His mighty hand. Jesus says, "Sanctify them by Your Word. Your Word is truth." To sanctify means to be made holy. He is asking God to do the work of sanctification in the lives of those who would believe. Oneness with a holy Father.

So for what are we praying? Ultimately there is only one thing needed. Father, make me one with You.

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