Friday, December 18, 2009

Sacred meets Secular

Christmas. I seem to be nostalgic over Christmas's past. As a kid, Christmas was simple. You wanted stuff. You asked for stuff. You got stuff. Oh, and, don't forget that it was the day that Jesus was born. But now that "mommy" has been added to my list of names, it isn't so simple anymore.

For the past couple of years I have struggled through this time of year; like I am desperately trying to mesh that humbled reality of my king in a stable with the material focus daily invading my home through a multitude of catalogs. And I ask myself, "Would Jesus enjoy that He is depicted with inflatable nylon?"

Last night I picked up a friend for a concert and spent a minute talking with her kids. Do you know what I asked? "What do you want for Christmas this year?" Why? Why would I ask that? It is like I am a pawn in the hands of culture--brainwashed by the mentality that stuff rules supreme.

How does one teach thankfulness while satiated? How can my kids learn gratitude and appreciation while dripping? I think part of the answer is believing and then portraying that everything is ultimately His. All of it. And then asking, Father what do you want me to do with all that You have on-loan to me?


This has been a momentary view of my personal ponderings. Please do not hear guilt heaped upon your shoulders. The burden of our Savior is light.

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