Thursday, December 17, 2009

No Gift Receipt Needed

A little CS Lewis for the morning taste buds...

"For He (God) has, in the last resort, nothing to give us but Himself; and He can give that only insofar as our self-affirming will retires and makes room for Him in our souls." And only He ultimately satisfies.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the things of this temporal life--things upon which I seem to have some claim. But ultimately, in the depths within that long for peace and truth and joy, only He truly satisfies. Why? Because His character infinitely meets my desperate need for love.

He--Himself--is the gift to a weary soul. He heals the broken spaces. He invades the seemingly hardened heart. He pierces the places I have marked as my own. He gives life to the dead. He forgives...continually. He seals His adopted. He never forsakes His children and always fulfills His Word. He is the gift. We simply come.

We let go and bow down. We release. And we trust. We repent and declare. We accept...Him. He--Himself--is the perfect gift. Drink.

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