Monday, January 11, 2010

Just Ask

I know my posts are often scripturally heavy--it is one of my primary outlets for theological expression. Remember, I interact with my preschoolers most of the day; and they give me strange looks when I try to discuss sovereignty and predestination.

But also the Word of God is life. It is our ultimate food. If we are taking in God's promises, His ways, and His character, and our love relationship with Him is growing ever-deeper, then the moments of our days will flow out of that eternal perspective. The life "things" we face won't destroy us, rather we will rest in the hands and heart of the Almighty. That is why I love His Word. I love His Word. It is breath. I pray that we would handle it rightly--with great awe at our Father's revelation.

If you are one that does not yet have a love for His Word, but you desire with all your heart to truly know Him, then tell Him. Be honest--He already knows anyway. Ask Him for fresh vision and fresh desire. We cannot conjure such a longing. It is a gift of His Spirit. So simply ask. Then dive deep. Interact. Think. Meditate. His Word is life.

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