Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Until He Comes

Poem by Martha Snell Nicholson, appropriate in light of yesterday's post entitled "Just Ask."

Keep Thou me ever hungry, Lord,
Until I famish for Thy Word, --
Thy Word, which is my meat, my bread,
Thy Word, which feeds whenever read.

Keep Thou me ever thirsty, Lord,
Stay not Thy hand till Thou hast poured
Thy living water in my cup
Which I am humbly holding up.

Keep me dissatisfied, dear Lord;
Use Thou Thy Spirit's shining sword
To pierce my foolish self esteem
And rouse me from my empty dream.

Keep me awake, that I may hear
Thy bugles calling, loud and clear.
Stir Thou my sluggish soul to fight
For Thee beneath Thy banner bright.

Yea, this my prayer, --that I may be
Hungry and thirsty, Lord, for Thee,
Dissatisfied with self, awake!
And this I ask for Jesus' sake.

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