Saturday, January 9, 2010

More Than a Burger

We see them there, but avoid eye-contact. For those brief moments we find hundreds of menial tasks to do from the driver's seat of our car--change the radio station, wipe down the console, file our nails, or text. Then the light finally turns green and the cardboard sign drifts further away in the rear view mirror.

Me? Some declare I am being scammed; that it's not safe. And maybe it's so. But I do not want to be led by fear or skepticism; I long to be led by the Lord. I think about their childhood, the cold, their bondages...and I go to the McDonald's drive-thru. My kids see. They don't grimace at the dirt or smell the breath. They just notice a man or a woman who needs help. And they holler for me to get him french fries...and some gloves.

Jesus tells us to be like a child. I am certain His instruction includes that we as hardened adults would see people like children see. One's status is irrelevant. The label on our jeans--a non-issue. We are just people. And we all desperately want to be loved.

We recently purchased some $1 McD gift certificates to give, and it hit me, "I want to give more than a burger." I'm not speaking monetarily--though the needs abound. I'm speaking spiritually. For a brief moment in time, we meet, and I want to know your name because there is a God who made you and knows you perfectly. A burger may fill the growling stomach, but our Savior overwhelms an expansive need.

So, I'm praying. Lord lead me. Show me how I can hand a word of hope out my window.


I pray you hear this. I am not telling you to do what I feel led to do. My ultimate prayer is that we as God's hands and feet in this desperate world would follow the law of love. Seek Him first--with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength--then allow Him to open your eyes to the plans He has specific for you.

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